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Platinum - Member: Includes Green Fees & Booking R9,900.00
Gold - Member: Male - Full R4,500.00
  Male - Under 30 R3,400.00
  Lady - Full R3,400.00
Pensioner - Member: Lady Pensioner full R2,300.00
  Male - Pensioner full R2,300.00
Over 60 years Week day only R1,600.00
Silver - Member: Lady - Under 30 R2,300.00
  Student R1,600.00
  Tembisa - Special (Must be accepted via Committee)

Blue - Member: Weekday R2,300.00
Bronze - Member: Country R1,900.00
  Affiliated R1,100.00
  SAA - Corporate R1,100.00
  Clergy R1,100.00
Life - Member: Honorary & Life  R500.00
Concessionary - Member: In lieu of Corporate Sponsorship etc R2,000.00
Junior - Member: Junior (Includes free golf on weekdays & Sunday PM
   All pricing is inclusive of VAT  


Please note that the following "Debit Order" payment options are available.

     Per Month
Members: Inclusive 
Male - Full
Subs R 380.00 & Green Fees R 420.00 = R 9600.00
Lady - Full
Subs R 280.00 & Green Fees R 420.00 = R 8400.00
Pensioner - Full (Male & Female) Subs R 180.00 & Green Fees R 420.00 = R 7200.00
Pensioner - Weekday (Male & Female) Subs R 140.00 & Green Fees R 175.00 = R 3780.00 R315.00
Book a Tee Time  
Saturday & Sunday 
Members: Subs Only    
Male - Full Only Subscriptions R395.00
Lady - Full Only Subscriptions R305.00
Pensioner - Full (Male & Female) Only Subscriptions R215.00
Pensioner - Weekday (Male & Female) Only Subscriptions R150.00


The payments need to be made in advance by the 1st of each month.

A debit order system is available. For further information, please contact the General Manager or Golf Director.

Any member who has not paid his membership by the 1st February 2015, will be liable to be removed from the database.

Download debit order form.