Fine Dining - 30 October 2020

Colin Mc Kenzie Trophy - 15 November 2020

Mix Tape Show Dates 11/11/2020 - 18/11/2020 - 25/11/2020

MIX TAPE BIOG Boasting more than two decades of experience in the entertainment industry amongst them, MIX TAPE is your one stop feel good music destination. With a repertoire stretching from Sinatra to Santana, Pink to Pavarotti, this three piece outfit is bound to cover all your party playlist needs. Whether you’re looking for some relaxed background vibes or toe tapping party starters, MIX TAPE is the band for you. Consisting of vocalists Alanda De Bruin & Tiaan Rautenbach, backed by guitarist Regardt De Bruin this trio combines tracks and live instrumentation to bring you the biggest variety of genres and styles, a true MIX TAPE experience. So whether you want to sakkie-sakkie or just get down and boogie the night away, look no further than MIX TAPE.

Heritage Day 2020

Club Champs 2020 - Sunday

Club Champs 2020 - Saturday
Please Note: Updated 06 March 2020